Porsche 10”x 18” Rear Wheel Rim, Turbo Twist Chrome For 2000 911 Millennium

Price: $ 100
  • Condition: Used

Seller notes

Porsche 10”x 18” Turbo Twist Chrome Alloy Rear Wheel Rim, for my 2000 Porsche 911 Millennium Edition.Part No. 993-362-140-07I sold my Porsche Millennium Edition back in 2008. Last week I went home to tidy up my now empty garage bay where my 911 Millennium Edition used to be. I discovered a box on a shelf with printed numbers that vaguely sounded like wheel dimensions. Upon opening the box, I found an extra chrome alloy wheel for my Millennium. The invoice in the box indicates I purchased a b...

    • Condition: Used
  • Location: 19422, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

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