No Reserve 1987 Buick Grand National - Street Legal Race Car

Price: $ 20,000

Seller notes

If you don't want the car then please don't place a Bid and waste everyones time. 1987 Buick Grand National 568 HP on 112 Octane & 24lbs Boost (without nitrous or alky) 10.42 in the ¼ Mile on slicks (can run 9's with nitrous & 30lbs boost) Tuned 112 octane. 93 octane no boost. 93 + alky (lower boost) Race ready & street legal Girdled 109 Block; LE Pistons, Kat Crank; K1 Rods; TA Aluminum Heads; Harland Sharp Shaft Mount Rockers; 214/218 Comp HYD Roller Cam; Champion Intake & Fuel Rails; Precisi...

  • Location: 14072, Grand Island, New York

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