Klotz Bc-175 Benol 2-cycle/stroke Racing Castor Oil - 16 Oz - Qty (10)

Price: $ 72
  • Condition: New

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KLOTZ BENOL 2 Cycle Racing Caster Oil - Gallon BeNOL® Racing Castor Oil BeNOL®, the ultimate in 2-stroke lubricant when it comes to both protection and performance, is the choice of serious racers. Degummed and extra fortified for maximum reliability. BeNOL® provides twice the level of film strength and load carrying capacity of conventional castor oils. Blends with methanol alcohol and gasoline. Available in 16 oz Pints, 32 oz Quarts, 1 Gallon, 10 Quart Cases and 4 Gallon Cases in our eBay S...

    • Condition: New
  • Location: 13310, Bouckville, New York

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